Below is a list of questions we are frequently asked. If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. What are the benefits of an NSI NACOSS Gold intruder alarm? NSI NACOSS Gold intruder alarms offer quality equipment, audited workmanship, excellent system performance, and vetted staff. Only systems accredited by the NSI or SSAIB are deemed reliable enough to be connected to the Police.

2. Can a NACOSS Gold alarm reduce my insurance premiums? Yes, regularly maintained NACOSS Gold alarms can reduce insurance premiums. Some insurers offer discounts for NACOSS accredited alarms, while others may only cover properties with these alarms installed.

3. How much does a NACOSS Gold Intruder Alarm cost? The cost varies based on the size of the property. A small audible-only domestic alarm system starts from just over £500.

4. How does an alarm system call the police? Alarm systems are linked through broadband and backup mobile networks to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC monitors your system 24/7 and contacts your local constabulary once it verifies the activation as genuine.

5. Do you need to run cables through my house and drill holes? Not necessarily. Modern wireless systems are reliable if properly maintained, and they significantly reduce the physical impact of alarm installation. We can also install a traditional mains-powered alarm system if desired.

6. Which is cheaper, a wireless alarm or a traditional wired alarm? The costs are typically comparable. Wireless equipment is more expensive but requires less labor to install. The choice comes down to your preference.

7. Can I pay for my system in instalments? Unfortunately, we do not offer instalment payment options. However, we believe we provide better value than larger companies that do. Extended credit terms usually cover administration costs and interest, potentially tying you in for a long time and resulting in higher overall costs.

8. How long does it take to install an alarm? For domestic properties, installation typically takes less than a day.

9. If I have a wireless system, do I have to pay for batteries? Yes. We include the small cost of these in your maintenance contract. Because control panel batteries and exterior siren batteries cost more, we replace these on an as needed basis to keep your costs down.

10. How long does an alarm system last? With regular maintenance, an alarm system can last 10-15 years or even longer. Discontinuation of parts by manufacturers often prompts clients to consider a partial or complete system renewal.

11. How many service visits are included in a year’s maintenance? For police-calling systems, we visit twice a year: mid-year and at the end of the contract year. For audible systems, we visit once, at the end of the contract year.

12. Why are Dent Security’s maintenance checks at the end of the contract year? Scheduling maintenance checks at the end of the contract year ensures peace of mind for the upcoming year. If you decide not to renew your contract, this approach guarantees you leave our care with a fully operational system.

Mrs H - St Ives

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was again this year with your engineer who has been to service our alarm this afternoon. Gavin was friendly, helpful and efficient and completed the service quickly and thoroughly. A thoroughly ‘can do’ approach which is refreshing these days!
Thank you for such good service."

Dr. L-E - Biobridge Ltd

"Please put on record how efficient and helpful Karthick was on his visit here yesterday to set up our alarm system. He was definitely a pleasure to have around and I hope if there is a need for a service person in future he will be able to come out."

Derek P

"Installation & Maintenance has been carried out very efficiently over the years and any problems that have arisen have been resolved very quickly. Based on my experience I have recommended Dents to several friends and neighbours."

Clare W

"We have been with Dent's for 13 years and have always found them professional and friendly. Their product is excellent and we have recommended them to friends."

Francine C

"Extremely helpful in all matters and very professional. Would recommend this company to everyone."

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