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Police response alarm systems

When you have an intruder alarm installed, you have the option of a simple audible alarm system or a 24 hour, fully monitored, Police calling alarm.

The level of Police response you should expect if your electronic security system is activated is dictated by ACPO (The Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland), who specify Police Force/Constabulary Service policy.

The regulations in force require that only "confirmed activations" are passed to the Police to reduce the level of false calls attended by the police. Confirmed activations require two signals from separate sources during the same intrusion before an alarm is passed for policing.

All Police calling alarms are monitored by an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) who decide if an alarm activation requires passing to the Police. Dent Security’s burglar alarms are monitored by our business partners East Midland Central Station who are listening 24 hours every day at their state of the art monitoring facility.

Older intruder alarm systems are allowed to remain on Police response unless they have three policed false alarms, after which Police response is only restored if the alarm is upgraded to new technology.

Each monitored alarm system requires two keyholders to be on file.

Keyholder duties

Two keyholders are required in case you cannot be contacted if your intruder alarm activates. Keyholders need to know how to operate your alarm, be familiar with, and have access to, your premises. They also need to be contactable by telephone and be able to attend within 20 minutes of safe driving, once notified the intruder alarm has activated. Details of keyholders (and updates to the information) are passed by Dent Security onto the Alarm Receiving Centre. If the alarm activates a keyholder is notified at the first activation by the Alarm Receiving Centre, but they are unable to notify the Police until the second confirmed activation.

If you cannot call to mind two suitable keyholders, don’t worry. There are commercial keyholding services offered by local companies, should you require such a service. Please ask us for details.

There are two levels of Police response for security alarm systems:

LEVEL 1 – Immediate/Urgent

Please note that Police response is ultimately determined by the resources which exist at the time a request for Police response is received.

LEVEL 3 – Withdrawn

No Police attendance, keyholder response only.

A NSI NACOSS Gold accredited intruder alarm system is eligible to receive level 1 Police response if it is maintained by an approved company.

Three false calls within a 12 month period will reduce an alarm system’s Police response to Level 3 unless a member of the public witnesses the crime and contacts the Police.

Under our accreditation, Dent Security are audited every six months on our false alarm rates. Our false alarm incident rate on maintained systems is currently about half that of the national average for all NACOSS GOLD companies.

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