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Master suiting

Master suiting with registered keys

In keeping with our heritage as Cambridge’s longest established locksmiths, Dent’s specialise in specifying traditional master key systems or master suites.

Master suiting gives the home or office owner an extremely secure way of controlling access by granting nominated people entry to certain doors within the building, without the burden of a large set of keys. For instance, staff may be given a key that opens all doors, or just the front door and their own office, but nobody else’s.

"Your locksmith's advice was invaluable and his manner was exceedingly helpful.....I now have a much clearer idea of what our options are and he presented them clearly and with enthusiasm, following up his visit with some drawings to help me present these options to the Bursar. I would like to thank Dent Security for such excellent service. Pembroke College"

Master suiting can have applications in residential environments, educational establishments, halls of residence, hospitals, research facilities and agricultural environments as well as corporate environments - where members of staff are given a key that will allow different levels of access for different staff - whilst retaining privileged access for specified individuals or janitorial staff.

Each key is registered and has a unique profile meaning that unauthorised copies cannot be made.

Although we can supply master suites on most manufacturers we specialise in:

  • Mul-T-Lock (exclusive Cambridge suppliers of new Mul-T-Lock MT5)
  • Ankerslot
 "Yesterday I visited your shop to obtain a copy of my key for a bicycle lock that I bought earlier this year.. . When I arrived at 1.30pm the locksmith told me that the blanks had not yet been received but he then spent a full 20 minutes improvising with what he had and produced a miracle while I waited. I was very favourably impressed and am grateful for the time and effort expended for a sale that was only £4.20. We have beeen taking our custom to you for decades, and will continue to do so, and to recommend you to our friends and neighbours. Mr Thomas"

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