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Access control and video entry

Access control can perform many roles. It is important early on during our survey to establish what the purpose of the system is.

In a domestic environment, a simple video entry system can provide remote door opening. It can save time or be of real assistance to those who struggle with mobility.

Commercially, a PC based access control system can monitor and control any of the doors in your premises, from allowing visitors to be welcomed without allowing free entry, or controlling the movement of staff and restricting access to certain areas. Whilst combining some or all of these features, you may also be interested in time & attendance information for payroll purposes.

Whatever the use, Dent Security has the expertise to provide the ideal solution. Not being tied to a particular supplier, we have the flexibility to install the right access control or entry system for you from the vast range of current products.

The majority of access systems now employ proximity cards with no moving parts. And Biometrics are no longer Hollywood fiction. Advances in technology mean access systems are an increasingly reliable and cost effective way of ensuring that only authorised personnel gain entry to restricted areas.

Whether PC based, multi-site, stand-alone or interfaced to a telephone system, we have the expertise to supply, install and maintain a reliable access control system now and for the future.

All our systems are individually specified based on a survey to establish your needs and our surveys are completely free.

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